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The largest database of approximately 2.2 million UK business addresses selectable by classification. (similar to Yellow Pages/Thomson) e.g. Accountants, Solicitors, Hairdressers, Opticians etc. This is directory type data and provides excellent coverage of most organisations in the UK, of which you can target by postcode area or county. This database is updated continuously and we can guarantee a minimum of 95% accuracy on company details.

Licence Options

  1. Single Use - Mailshot campaign

  2. Single Campaign Use - Mailshot & Telemarketing

  3. 12-Month Unlimited Use

  4. Eternal

Not all information is available to purchase on all four types and licences offered for each individual database should be checked.

Data Content

There are no standard amounts of information provided under each licence type. Depending on the marketing method you have chosen you need to check with us whether the information provided is included for free under that particular licence agreement.

Mailing Lists UK Business Classification Breakdown

Classification Records Sector
T Shirt Printers 909 Printing Trade Services
Tableware 113 Household
Tableware Manufacturers 202 Leisure and General Goods
Tai Chi 247 Leisure and Entertainment Services
Tailors Manufacturing 257 Textile Trade Services
Tailors Repairs & Alterations 1138 Textile Trade Services
Tailors Retail 621 Clothing and Accessories
Take Away Food 26716 Hotels and Restaurants
Tank Cleaning & Servicing 81 Cleaning Equipment
Tank Suppliers & Installers 183 Metal Merchants
Tank, Vat & Cistern Makers 98 Metal Products
Tanning 1346 Personal Services
Tape & Webbing-Woven 70 Textiles - General Products
Tapes - Adhesive & Industrial 329 Adhesives, Dyes and Paints
Taps & Dies 191 Tools
Tar & Pitch Suppliers 46 Building Supplies - Traders
Tarpaulin Manufacturers 66 Clothing and Coverings
Tarpaulins - Hire & Retail 52 Household
Tatto 1202 Personal Services
Tattoo Removal 182 Personal Services
Tax Advisers 1564 Financial
Taxi Meters 43 Measuring and Control Instruments
Taxidermists 140 Livestock Services
Taxis & Private Hire Vehicles 14405 Transport and Travel Services
Tea and Coffee SpeciaList Shops 456 Food and Drink
Tea Chest Dealers 63 Scrap and Waste
Tea Importers & Merchants 40 Food and Drink Wholesalers
Technical Writers 355 Advertising and Design
Teddy Bears 103 Garden and Leisure
Telecommunication Consultants 858 Communications and Equipment
Telecommunication Engineers 413 Communications and Equipment
Telecommunication equipment 1423 Communications and Equipment
Telecommunication Services 1818 Office and General Services
Telegram & Greetings Services 68 Information
Telemarketing 665 Advertising and Design
Telephone Answering & Messaging Services Bus 180 Office and General Services
Telephone Answering Machines 243 Office and Computer Equipment
Telephone Service 102 Office and General Services
Telephone Shops 175 Household
Telex Machines 83 Communications and Equipment
Temperature Control equipment Manufacturers B 122 Measuring and Control Instruments
Tennis Court Makers 72 Leisure and General Goods
Tennis Courts 127 Leisure Places
Testing equipment 310 Measuring and Control Instruments
Textile Accessories 188 Textile Trade Services
Textile Agents 241 Textile Wholesalers
Textile Engineers 55 Textile Trade Services
Textile Machinery 123 Textile Trade Services
Textile Machinery Accessories 140 Textile Trade Services
Textile Manufacturers 629 Textiles - General Products
Textile Merchants 1142 Textile Wholesalers
Textile Printers 192 Textile Trade Services
Textile Services 84 Metal Working
Textile Warehousemen-wholesalers 32 Textile Wholesalers
Textile Waste 126 Textiles - General Products
Thatching 341 Builders and Building Contractors
Theatres & Concert Halls 1086 Leisure Places
Theatrical & Variety Agents 235 Leisure and Entertainment Services
Theatrical Companies 777 Leisure and Entertainment Services
Theatrical Services 104 Leisure and Entertainment Services
Theatrical Supplies 407 Leisure and Entertainment Services
Therapists 572 Medical Services
Thermal Imaging 69 Security Equipment
Thermometers 82 Measuring and Control Instruments
Ticket Agencies 138 Leisure and Entertainment Services
Ticket Printers & Machines 38 Printing
Tie & Scarf Manufacturers & Suppliers Busines 159 Clothing and Coverings
Tile Manufacturers & Suppliers 1906 Building Supplies - Manufacturers
Tilers 3446 Interior Building Services
Timber Engineers 47 Forestry and Timber
Timber Frame Buildings 378 Building Supplies - Manufacturers
Timber Importers & Agents 252 Forestry and Timber
Timber Merchants 1452 Forestry and Timber
Time Recorders & Systems 174 Precision Goods and Equipment
Tinplate 71 Metal Producers
Titanium & Zirconium Products 55 Metal Products
Toastmasters 111 Leisure and Entertainment Services
Tobacco Importers & Manufacturers 56 Tobacco
Tobacconists Retail 234 News, Confectionery and Tobacco
Tobacconists-wholesalers 86 Tobacco
Toilet Paper Manufacturers 76 Paper and Printed Products
Toilets Portable 326 Building Supplies - Manufacturers
Toll Bridges 108 Transport and Travel Services
Tool & Cutter Grinding 164 Tools
Tool Dealers wholesalers 163 Building Supplies - Traders
Tool Grinding Industrial 160 Tools
Tool Manufacturers & Suppliers 610 Tools
Tool Manufacturers Carbon Tip 44 Tools
Tool Steel Manufacturers 114 Tools
Toolmakers 719 Tools
Torches & Flashlights 165 Sound and Lighting
Tour Operators 1684 Leisure Places
Tourist Attractions 1541 Leisure Places
Tourist Information Centres 880 Information
Tourist Information Services 351 Information
Tours & Sightseeing 387 Leisure Places
Tow Bars 270 Vehicle Equipment and Accessories
Towel Supplies 27 Cleaning Services
Toy & Game Manufacturers & Importers 521 Leisure and General Goods
Toy & Game wholesalers 295 Merchants and Wholesalers
Toy Shops 1594 Garden and Leisure
Trade Mark Agents 134 Legal
Trade Unions 750 Business Organisations and Consultants
Trading Estates 71 Business Organisations and Consultants
Traffic Consultants 87 Transport and Travel Services
Traffic Control equipment 250 Measuring and Control Instruments
Trailer Hire 62 Hire Services
Trailer Manufacturers & Suppliers 652 Vehicle Manufacture
Train Information & Companies 805 Transport and Travel Services
Training Services 9466 Education
Transfer Manufacturers 151 Printing Trade Services
Transformer Manufacturers 96 Electric Components and Equipment
Translators & Interpreters 2122 Office and General Services
Transparent Packaging 177 Packaging
Transport Consultants 428 Transport and Travel Services
Travel Agents & Tour Operators 8688 Transport and Travel Services
Travel Agents Business & Commercial 244 Transport and Travel Services
Travel Clinics 91 Medical Services
Tree Work 3530 Forestry and Timber
Trimmings 152 Textiles - General Products
Trophies, Medals & Rosettes 765 Leisure and General Goods
Tube & Section Manipulators 204 Metal Working
Tube Manufacturers Paper & Cardboard 106 Packaging
Tug & Barge Owners 98 Shipping and Marine
Tungsten Products 61 Metal Products
Turbo Chargers 66 Garages and Vehicle Services
Turf & Soil Supplies 491 Agricultural Producers
Turfing Services 367 Nurseries and Gardens
Turned Parts Precision 167 Metal Products
Turntables Industrial 190 Industrial Equipment and Machinery
Tutoring 1866 Education
TV & Radio Manufacturers & Suppliers 188 Electric Consumer Goods
TV & Radio Monitoring Services 49 TV and Radio
TV & Video Rental 49 Hire Services
TV, DVD, Video & Radio Shops 1263 Household
TV, Film & Video Production Services 4061 Film and Photographic
TV, Video & Radio Components 152 Electric Components and Equipment
TV, Video & Radio Servicing 2668 Repairs and Servicing
Typesetters 374 Printing Trade Services
Typewriters 154 Office Equipment
Tyre Distributors & Dealers 5476 Garages and Vehicle Services
Tyre Manufacturers & wholesalers 230 Rubber
Tyre Recycling & Disposal 169 Scrap and Waste
Tyre Repair & Retreading 120 Garages and Vehicle Services
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