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The largest database of approximately 2.2 million UK business addresses selectable by classification. (similar to Yellow Pages/Thomson) e.g. Accountants, Solicitors, Hairdressers, Opticians etc. This is directory type data and provides excellent coverage of most organisations in the UK, of which you can target by postcode area or county. This database is updated continuously and we can guarantee a minimum of 95% accuracy on company details.

Licence Options

  1. Single Use - Mailshot campaign

  2. Single Campaign Use - Mailshot & Telemarketing

  3. 12-Month Unlimited Use

  4. Eternal

Not all information is available to purchase on all four types and licences offered for each individual database should be checked.

Data Content

There are no standard amounts of information provided under each licence type. Depending on the marketing method you have chosen you need to check with us whether the information provided is included for free under that particular licence agreement.

Mailing Lists UK Business Classification Breakdown

Classification Records Sector
Packaging Consultants 415 Transport and Travel Services
Packaging Machinery 249 Packaging
Packaging Materials 2221 Packaging
Packers & Craters-General 304 Packaging
Packers-Contract 691 Packaging
Packers-Export 97 Packaging
Packers-Fine Art 359 Packaging
Packing Case Manufacturers 296 Packaging
Paging Systems 146 Communications and Equipment
Paint & Cellulose Spraying 148 Industrial Equipment and Machinery
Paint Spraying & Mixing equipment 336 Industrial Equipment and Machinery
Paint Stripping 358 Builders Cleaning and Repair
Paint, Varnish & Lacquer 449 Adhesives, Dyes and Paints
Paintball & Combat Games 42 Leisure and Entertainment Services
Painters & Decorators 18800 Interior Building Services
Painting Contractors 307 Interior Building Services
Pallet & Case Makers 798 Packaging
Pallet & Stillage Manufacturers-Metal Busines 127 Packaging
Pallet Trucks, Trucks & Trolleys 330 Materials Handling
Panel Beaters 190 Garages and Vehicle Services
Paper & Board 644 Paper and Printed Products
Paper Bags & Sacks 110 Packaging
Paper Products-Industrial/Medical 142 Paper and Printed Products
Paper Services & Supplies 172 Printing Trade Services
Parachuting/Paragliding 277 Leisure and Entertainment Services
Paraffin Retailers 123 Household
Park & Ride 131 Transport and Travel Services
Parking Meter & equipment Manufacturers Busin 77 Measuring and Control Instruments
Parks & Gardens 506 Leisure Places
Parliamentary Agents 104 Public Administration
Partitioning Manufacturers 48 Building Supplies - Manufacturers
Partitioning Services & equipment 561 Building Supplies - Manufacturers
Party Planners & Organisers 1090 Personal Services
Patchwork & Quilting 237 Textile Trade Services
Patent Agents 248 Legal
Patent Services 225 Legal
Pattern Makers-Engineering 219 Industrial Equipment and Machinery
Patterns - Fashion 158 Printing Trade Services
Pavement Lights 146 Sound and Lighting
Paving Manufacturers 159 Mineral Products
Paving Services 3552 Builders and Building Contractors
Pawnbrokers 607 General Retailers
Payroll Services 342 Office and General Services
Pearl Merchants 225 Jewellery
Perforating Services 48 Printing Trade Services
Perfume 421 Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical
Personal Computers 148 Office and Computer Equipment
Personal Trainers 1266 Personal Services
Personnel Consultants 254 Business Organisations and Consultants
Pest & Vermin Control Services 1822 Interior Building Services
Pest & Vermin Control Supplies 65 Interior Building Services
Pet Food Manufacturers 279 Livestock Producers
Pet Services 1293 Medical Services
Pet Shops 3118 Livestock Services
Pet Supplies 535 Agricultural Traders and Services
Petrol Filling Stations 6202 Garages and Vehicle Services
Petrol Pump Maintenance 65 Oil and Petroleum
Petrol Pump Manufacturers & Installers Busine 118 Oil and Petroleum
Petroleum equipment & Product Manufacturers B 180 Oil and Petroleum
Petroleum Technologists 163 Oil and Petroleum
Pewter Ware Manufacturers 380 Metal Products
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Suppliers Bus 676 Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical
Pharmacies 10680 Chemists and Opticians
Phosphor Bronze 98 Metal Producers
Photo Booths 101 Film and Photographic
Photocopiers 975 Office Equipment
Photograph Libraries 93 Information
Photographers-Commercial & Industrial Busines 2296 Film and Photographic
Photographers-General 5994 Film and Photographic
Photographers-Press 189 Film and Photographic
Photographic equipment Repairs 113 Repairs and Servicing
Photographic Goods Manufacturers 243 Leisure and General Goods
Photographic Goods Retailers 1074 Garden and Leisure
Photographic Goods wholesalers 111 Merchants and Wholesalers
Photographic Processing & Printing 1565 Film and Photographic
Photographic Studio Hire 185 Film and Photographic
Physiotherapists 2379 Medical Services
Piano Dealers 270 Leisure and General Goods
Piano Tuning & Repair 1032 Leisure and Entertainment Services
Pick-your-Own Fruit & Vegetables 160 Agricultural Traders and Services
Picture Cleaners & Restorers 159 Repairs and Servicing
Picture Framers & Frame Makers 2678 Film and Photographic
Pie Makers 105 Bakery and Confectionery
Pig Breeders & Dealers 29 Livestock Producers
Pig Farmers 454 Livestock Producers
Pile Driving & Piling 57 Construction - General
Pine Furniture 1457 Furnishings (Retail)
Pipe & Fitting Stockholders 336 Building Supplies - Traders
Pipe Line Consultants 112 Construction - General
Pipe Work Contractors 392 Construction - General
Pipe Work Engineers 167 Metal Producers
Pipes & Fittings-Flexible 417 Plastics
Pipes & Fittings-Metal 106 Metal Producers
Pipes & Fittings-Plastic 218 Plastics
Pistons & Piston Rings 43 Vehicle Equipment and Accessories
Pitch & Putt Courses 75 Leisure Places
Pizza Delivery & Takeaway 2282 Food and Drink
Planning Consultants 1099 Construction - General
Planning Supervisors 36 Construction - General
Plant & Machinery Dealers 934 Building Supplies - Traders
Plant & Machinery Hire 4234 Hire Services
Plant & Machinery Installation 73 Industrial Equipment and Machinery
Plant & Machinery Manufacturers 65 Building Supplies - Manufacturers
Plant & Machinery Spares / Repairs 226 Builders Cleaning and Repair
Plant Maintenance Engineers 72 Industrial Equipment and Machinery
Plaster Supplies 522 Building Supplies - Traders
Plaster Ware 440 Mineral Products
Plastering & Screeding 6817 Interior Building Services
Plastics-Coating Processes 421 Plastics
Plastics-Consultants 45 Plastics
Plastics-Engineering Materials 80 Plastics
Plastics-Engineers 127 Plastics
Plastics-Extrusion Manufacturers 273 Plastics
Plastics-Fabrics, Film & Sheet 239 Plastics
Plastics-Finished Products 81 Plastics
Plastics-Laminated Materials 129 Plastics
Plastics-Machinery & equipment 109 Plastics
Plastics-Manufacturers & Suppliers 457 Plastics
Plastics-Mould & Tool Makers 252 Plastics
Plastics-Moulders 1187 Plastics
Plastics-Raw Materials 60 Plastics
Plastics-Sheeting 191 Plastics
Plastics-Stockholders 330 Plastics
Plastics-Thermoforming 412 Plastics
Plastics-Vacuum Forming 304 Plastics
Plastics-Welding & Repairs 110 Plastics
Playground Equipment 292 Leisure and General Goods
Playgroups & Pre-School 3570 Education
Pleaters 271 Textile Trade Services
Plumbers 15699 Interior Building Services
Plumbers' Merchants 2057 Building Supplies - Traders
Plywood, Chipboard & Hardboard 43 Building Supplies - Traders
Pneumatic Control equipment 312 Hydraulic and Transmission Equipment
Pneumatic Engineers 427 Hydraulic and Transmission Equipment
Pneumatic Tools 207 Tools
Pointing 64 Interior Building Services
Political Consultants 52 Business Organisations and Consultants
Pollution Control 63 Scrap and Waste
Polystyrene 64 Plastics
Polythene Manufacturers & Suppliers 434 Plastics
Porcelain Manufacturers 216 Mineral Products
Port, Harbour & Dock Authorities 372 Shipping and Marine
Post Offices 11779 Public Administration
Poster & Picture Printers 170 Advertising and Design
Poster Writers 67 Advertising and Design
Pot Pourri suppliers 141 Garden and Leisure
Potato Merchants & wholesalers 160 Food and Drink Wholesalers
Potters' equipment Manufacturers Business List 149 Mineral Products
Potters' Materials & Services Business List 392 Adhesives, Dyes and Paints
Pottery Manufacturers & Suppliers 730 Mineral Products
Poultry & Game Dealers 176 Food and Drink
Poultry Farm Supplies 105 Agricultural Traders and Services
Poultry Farmers & Packers 407 Livestock Producers
Poultry wholesalers 111 Food and Drink Wholesalers
Powder Coating 825 Adhesives, Dyes and Paints
Power Processing equipment 204 Electric Components and Equipment
Power Tool Supplies & Repairs 586 Tools
Power Transmission Engineers 161 Hydraulic and Transmission Equipment
Power Transmission equipment 365 Hydraulic and Transmission Equipment
Prams 92 Clothing and Accessories
Precious Stone Merchants 68 Mineral Products
Precision Engineers 4105 Precision Goods and Equipment
Pregnancy & Childbirth 134 Medical Services
Pregnancy Test Services 276 Medical Services
Press Cutting Agencies 204 Information
Press Tool Manufacturers 597 Tools
Presses-Power 120 Industrial Equipment and Machinery
Pressure Gauge Manufacturers 143 Measuring and Control Instruments
Pressure Vessels 183 Boilers and Refrigeration
Pressworkers 257 Metal Working
Print Finishers 494 Printing Trade Services
Printed Circuit Manufacturers 42 Electric Components and Equipment
Printed Circuit Services 464 Electric Components and Equipment
Printers & Lithographers 8699 Printing
Printers' Services Business List 1545 Printing Trade Services
Printers' Supplies Business List 436 Printing Trade Services
Printing Engineers 37 Printing Trade Services
Printing Ink Manufacturers 162 Adhesives, Dyes and Paints
Printing Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers Bu 98 Printing Trade Services
Printing Plates 231 Printing
Printing-Colour 150 Printing
Printing-Plastic 115 Printing
Printing-Security 82 Printing
Printing-Stationery 314 Printing
Printing-Thermographic 109 Printing
Printing-Trade 399 Printing
Probate Registries 117 Public Administration
Probation Offices 256 Social
Process Engineers 109 Industrial Equipment and Machinery
Produce Brokers & Importers 194 Food and Drink Wholesalers
Production Engineers 102 Industrial Equipment and Machinery
Profile Cutting 165 Metal Working
Project Management Services 1427 Business Organisations and Consultants
Promotional Items & Incentives 1638 Advertising and Design
Propeller Manufacturers 140 Air Transport
Property Development 5441 Property
Property Investment 955 Property
Property Management 4575 Property
Property Overseas 960 Property
Property Owners 224 Property
Psychics & Clairvoyants 743 Leisure and Entertainment Services
Psychologists 507 Medical Services
Psychotherapy & Analysis 1528 Medical Services
Public Analysts 178 Public Administration
Public Relations Consultants 2589 Advertising and Design
Public Works Contractors 42 Construction - General
Publicity Consultants 134 Advertising and Design
Publishers & Publications 3635 Publishing
Publishers' Services Business List 593 Publishing
Pubs 42592 Hotels and Restaurants
Pumps & Pumping equipment 815 Industrial Equipment and Machinery
Purchasing Agents 137 Buying Agents and Valuers
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