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The largest database of approximately 2.2 million UK business addresses selectable by classification. (similar to Yellow Pages/Thomson) e.g. Accountants, Solicitors, Hairdressers, Opticians etc. This is directory type data and provides excellent coverage of most organisations in the UK, of which you can target by postcode area or county. This database is updated continuously and we can guarantee a minimum of 95% accuracy on company details.

Licence Options

  1. Single Use - Mailshot campaign

  2. Single Campaign Use - Mailshot & Telemarketing

  3. 12-Month Unlimited Use

  4. Eternal

Not all information is available to purchase on all four types and licences offered for each individual database should be checked.

Data Content

There are no standard amounts of information provided under each licence type. Depending on the marketing method you have chosen you need to check with us whether the information provided is included for free under that particular licence agreement.

Mailing Lists UK Business Classification Breakdown

Classification Records Sector
Sacks & Bags 215 Packaging
Saddlers & Harness Makers 760 Livestock Services
Safe & Vault equipment 162 Security Equipment
Safe Deposits 93 Security Equipment
Safe Removers 239 Security Equipment
Safety equipment 524 Security Equipment
Sail Makers 179 Shipbuilding
Sailing equipment 170 Shipbuilding
Sailing Instruction 405 Education
Sales Promotion Consultants 360 Business Organisations and Consultants
Salt Manufacturers & Merchants 71 Food Products - General
Salvage & Reclamation 67 Scrap and Waste
Sand & Gravel Suppliers 713 Mineral Products
Sandwich Shops & Delivery 2967 Food and Drink
Sanitary Hygiene Services 64 Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical
Sash Windows 82 Building Supplies - Manufacturers
Satellite TV & Equipment 795 TV and Radio
Sauces & Pickles 186 Food Products - General
Sauna & Steamroom equipment 153 Leisure and General Goods
Saunas & Steamrooms 2660 Personal Services
Sausage Manufacturers 36 Meat
Saw Manufacturers & Suppliers 87 Tools
Saw Sharpening & Repairs 393 Repairs and Servicing
Sawdust & Shavings 209 Wood Products and Brushes
Sawmills 379 Wood Products and Brushes
Scaffolding Erectors 2270 Builders and Building Contractors
Scaffolding Manufacturers 66 Construction - General
Scaffolding Sales & Hire 351 Hire Services
Scales & Weighing equipment 432 Measuring and Control Instruments
Scales & Weighing equipment Repairs 47 Measuring and Control Instruments
School Furniture & equipment 36 Furnishings (Manufacturing)
Schools & Colleges 28613 Education
Schools & Colleges-Independent 2221 Education
Schools-Special 1149 Education
Science & Research Consultants 410 Business Organisations and Consultants
Scientific Apparatus 419 Measuring and Control Instruments
Scrap Metal Merchants 1218 Scrap and Waste
Screen Manufacturers 496 Building Supplies - Manufacturers
Screen Printers 840 Printing
Screen Printing Supplies 95 Printing Trade Services
Sculptors 236 Advertising and Design
Seal Manufacturers-Fluids 270 Industrial Equipment and Machinery
Seal Manufacturers-Mechanical 212 Industrial Equipment and Machinery
Sealing Compounds & Application 89 Adhesives, Dyes and Paints
Seating Manufacturers 266 Furnishings (Manufacturing)
Secondhand Furniture Dealers 981 Household
Secretarial Services 2060 Office and General Services
Secretarial Training 332 Education
Security Services & equipment 4616 Office and General Services
Seed Merchants 365 Nurseries and Gardens
Septic Tanks 284 Scrap and Waste
Serviced Apartments 123 Property
Sewage Consultants 250 Builders and Building Contractors
Sewing Machines-Domestic 565 Textile Trade Services
Sewing Machines-Industrial 279 Textile Trade Services
Sewing Thread Manufacturers 186 Textiles - General Products
Sewing-Industrial 80 Textile Trade Services
Sharpening Services 107 Repairs and Servicing
Shavers & Razors 239 Electric Consumer Goods
Sheds, Garden Buildings & Garages 491 Garden and Leisure
Sheep Shearers 46 Agricultural Producers
Sheepskin Products 307 Clothing and Coverings
Sheet Metal Stockists 50 Metal Merchants
Sheet Metal Work 1736 Metal Working
Sheet Metal Working Machinery 34 Metal Working
Shellfish 161 Fish
Sheltered Accommodation 352 Social
Shelving & Racking 366 Furnishings (Manufacturing)
Shiatsu Practitioners 227 Medical Services
Ship Builders, Repairs & Fittings 259 Shipbuilding
Ship Chandlers 59 Shipbuilding
Ship Classification 84 Shipping and Marine
Ship Painting & Cleaning Services 344 Shipbuilding
Ship Towing & Piloting 72 Shipping and Marine
Shipbrokers 185 Shipping and Marine
Shipping & Forwarding Agents 1309 Shipping and Marine
Shipping Companies & Agents 454 Shipping and Marine
Shipping Tackle Manufacturers 170 Shipbuilding
Ships' Stores Business List 178 Food and Drink Wholesalers
Shock Absorbers 116 Garages and Vehicle Services
Shoe Makers 311 Footwear and Leather Goods
Shoe Repairs 1191 Repairs and Servicing
Shoe Shops 5231 Clothing and Accessories
Shooting & Fishing Agents 31 Leisure and Entertainment Services
Shop & Library Fitters 1470 Furnishings (Manufacturing)
Shop Fitting Manufacturers 80 Furnishings (Manufacturing)
Shop Fitting Suppliers 226 Furnishings (Manufacturing)
Shopping Centres 1125 Leisure Places
Showcards 75 Paper and Printed Products
Shower equipment & Services 169 Furnishings (Manufacturing)
Shredding equipment 256 Scrap and Waste
Shutter Manufacturers 165 Furnishings (Manufacturing)
Sign & Poster Site Maintenance 194 Advertising and Design
Sign Makers 3108 Advertising and Design
Sign Makers' Materials Business List 190 Advertising and Design
Sign Writers 1544 Advertising and Design
Silicones 78 Mineral Products
Silk Manufacturers & Merchants 104 Textiles - Knitwear and Materials
Silversmiths Manufacturing 188 Metal Working
Simulators 90 Electric Components and Equipment
Site Investigations 174 Construction - General
Skateboarding & Skating 170 Leisure Places
Skating Rinks 118 Leisure Places
Skiing & Snowboarding 514 Leisure and General Goods
Skip Hire 2064 Hire Services
Slate & Slate Products 47 Mineral Products
Slicing Machine Manufacturers 180 Industrial Equipment and Machinery
Smelters & Refiners 105 Metal Producers
Smokeries 120 Fish
Snooker & Pool Centres 1329 Leisure Places
Snooker & Pool Tables & equipment 386 Leisure and General Goods
Social Service & Welfare Organisations Busine 5347 Social
Sofa Beds & Futons 143 Furnishings (Retail)
Soft Drink Manufacturers & Suppliers 259 Drink
Soft Furnishing Retailers 2073 Furnishings (Retail)
Solar Energy 149 Heating and Air Conditioning
Solder Manufacturers 74 Metal Products
Soldering, Brazing & Bonding 99 Electric Components and Equipment
Solicitors 11497 Legal
Solvent Manufacturers 64 Chemicals
Sound equipment Installations 649 Sound and Lighting
Sound equipment Systems 101 Sound and Lighting
Spark Erosion 181 Metal Working
Speakers 266 Leisure and Entertainment Services
Speech & Drama Teachers 375 Education
Speech & Language Therapists 143 Medical Services
Sports Clubs & Associations 7155 Leisure and Entertainment Services
Sports equipment Manufacturers & wholesalers 676 Leisure and General Goods
Sports Goods Shops 3929 Garden and Leisure
Sports Ground Contractors 386 Leisure and General Goods
Sports Grounds & Stadia 548 Leisure Places
Sports Injury Clinics 753 Medical Services
Sports Promotion & Management 239 Leisure and Entertainment Services
Sports Surfaces Artificial 31 Leisure and General Goods
Sports Training & Coaching 578 Leisure and Entertainment Services
Sportswear Manufacturers & wholesalers Busine 535 Clothing and Coverings
Spring Manufacturers & Suppliers 276 Fixings and Fastenings
Spring Repairs 65 Repairs and Servicing
Squash Courts 220 Leisure Places
Stables 706 Livestock Services
Stained Glass Artists 1086 Advertising and Design
Stained Glass Suppliers 256 Glass
Stainless Steel Finished Products 51 Metal Products
Stainless Steel Manufacturers 203 Metal Producers
Stainless Steel Metal Workers 53 Metal Working
Stainless Steel Stockholders 68 Metal Merchants
Stair equipment Manufacturers 181 Building Supplies - Manufacturers
Staircase Manufacturers-Metal 49 Metal Products
Staircase Manufacturers-Wood 86 Wood Products and Brushes
Stairlifts 258 Electric Consumer Goods
Stamp Dealers 109 Garden and Leisure
Staplers, Tackers & Staples 94 Packaging
Stationery Manufacturers & wholesalers Busine 105 Paper and Printed Products
Stationery, Social & Domestic 260 Printing
Statistical Services 32 Information
Steam Cleaning 163 Builders Cleaning and Repair
Steam Engineers 110 Engineers - General
Steel Buildings 128 Building Supplies - Manufacturers
Steel Erectors 275 Builders and Building Contractors
Steel Fabrications 3604 Metal Products
Steel Makers 107 Metal Producers
Steel Stockholders 679 Metal Merchants
Steel Tubes & Hollow Sections 110 Metal Merchants
Steeplejacks 183 Builders and Building Contractors
Steering Gear 50 Hydraulic and Transmission Equipment
Stockbrokers 291 Financial
Stockinette Manufacturers 369 Clothing and Coverings
Stocktaking Services 579 Office and General Services
Stone Cleaners & Restorers 65 Builders Cleaning and Repair
Stone Masons & Drystone Wallers 967 Builders and Building Contractors
Stone Merchants 223 Building Supplies - Traders
Storage equipment 236 Export, Removals and Storage
Storage Services 2220 Export, Removals and Storage
Strapping equipment & Materials 47 Clothing and Coverings
Street Furniture 114 Builders and Building Contractors
Stress Management 324 Business Organisations and Consultants
Structural Engineers 1272 Construction - General
Stud Farm Proprietors 284 Livestock Services
Sugar Refiners & Suppliers 38 Food Products - General
Sunbed equipment 291 Personal Services
Supermarkets 7443 Food and Drink
Supermarkets Delivery Service 232 Food and Drink
Surgical Appliances 185 Medical Goods
Surgical Instrument Manufacturers 97 Medical Goods
Surplus Stock 286 Scrap and Waste
Surplus Stores 85 General Retailers
Surveying equipment 461 Measuring and Control Instruments
Surveyors & Valuers 4617 Property
Surveyors Agricultural 260 Property
Surveyors Building 2123 Builders and Building Contractors
Surveyors Land & Hydrographic 526 Property
Surveyors Marine 166 Shipping and Marine
Surveyors Mining 154 Mineral Products
Swimming Instruction 207 Leisure and Entertainment Services
Swimming Pool Dealers & Installers 960 Household
Swimming Pools 781 Leisure Places
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