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The largest database of approximately 2.2 million UK business addresses selectable by classification. (similar to Yellow Pages/Thomson) e.g. Accountants, Solicitors, Hairdressers, Opticians etc. This is directory type data and provides excellent coverage of most organisations in the UK, of which you can target by postcode area or county. This database is updated continuously and we can guarantee a minimum of 95% accuracy on company details.

Licence Options

  1. Single Use - Mailshot campaign

  2. Single Campaign Use - Mailshot & Telemarketing

  3. 12-Month Unlimited Use

  4. Eternal

Not all information is available to purchase on all four types and licences offered for each individual database should be checked.

Data Content

There are no standard amounts of information provided under each licence type. Depending on the marketing method you have chosen you need to check with us whether the information provided is included for free under that particular licence agreement.

Mailing Lists UK Business Classification Breakdown

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Livestock Services
Animal Welfare Societies 953
Aquarium Manufacturers 150
Aviary equipment Manufacturers 40
Bee Keepers' Suppliers 92
Bloodstock Agencies 122
Boarding Kennels 441
Catteries 2892
Dog & Cat Grooming 2524
Dog Training 578
Farriers 562
Gamekeepers 129
Horse Slaughterers 152
Horse Supplies 517
Horse Trainers & Jockeys 490
Hunt Kennels 42
Livestock Auctioneers 92
Livestock equipment & Services 253
Pet Shops 3100
Saddlers & Harness Makers 799
Stables 741
Stud Farm Proprietors 298
Taxidermists 74
Wool Processors 187
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